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Steve Carroll, Digital Live

Leading authority on sales and leadership in the digital age

“Digital has made us visible. Whether we like it or not, we are on display 24/7. What does that mean to us and our businesses in the digital world?” – Steve Carroll

Steve is a dynamic speaker who translates changing consumer behaviour into simple, actionable insights for real estate professionals and leaders looking to harness the power of the digital age.

Thought leadership

As the head of Industry Relations for global online advertising company, REA Group, Steve boasts a unique perspective of the evolving digital landscape, as well as the opportunities and challenges that it affords.

He is the company’s spokesperson when it comes to how technological change is transforming the way consumers buy, sell and rent property. His drive to stay at the forefront of digital trends has seen him visit and liaise with some of the top tech giants in the US, including; Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Digital Live

In 2017, Steve Carroll took his passion for helping others ride the digital wave to a new level, with the launch of a personal project –  Digital Live.

The program features Australia’s top digital practitioners and provides real estate professionals with the tools, techniques and training that they need to navigate the digital realm, build their footprint, and ultimately improve their listing success.

To date, over 300 agents, including some of the most successful in the industry, have taken part, with proceeds raised from the initiative going to charities such as the Smith Family and Hands Across the Water in a bid to assist disadvantaged children gain access to digital education.

Industry speaking events

Renowned as a highly sought-after speaker, Steve has featured at the industry’s premier events including AREC and Momentum.

Steve’s engaging presentations draw on his expertise and over 15 years’ experience at the forefront of the digital revolution. They encapsulate his passion to ensure that the brave new digital world is accessible to a real estate industry that is already experiencing major technological disruption and increased consumer expectation.

“When we are talking about the future of real estate, and how consumer behaviour is changing, we want to be talking to Steve.” Elite Agent Magazine

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