It’s been touted as the “ride that changes lives” and there’s no doubt the Digital Live Charity Ride does exactly as it promises.

You're Invited

Since 2018, Steve Carroll has led more than 100 riders from the real estate industry, to raise more than $1.5 million for Hands Across the Water, a charity dedicated to protecting and providing shelter and education to disadvantaged children in Thailand who may have lost their parents, are unable to be cared for by their family or who have HIV and need support to manage the condition. This support means the children are no longer facing a life that could involve crime and prostitution, but one with job prospects and hope.

The Journey

For ride participants, the 500km ride across some of Thailand’s most picturesque countryside has also been a life changing experience. Over the years, riders have found inner strength they didn’t know they possessed, forged strong friendships with other riders and strengthened relationships with family members as a result of the ride. The ride has also helped many focus on what’s truly important in life, improved their mental health and provided them with renewed professional and personal energy.

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Leanne Pilkington

Laing + Simmons
This ride is amazing and one of the greatest philanthropic endeavours from the real estate industry that I have ever seen