Being successful in business in today’s digital age no longer means what it did even a few years ago.

Due to the changing dynamics and shifting attitudes brought about by COVID-19, and rapidly evolving consumer and employee behaviour and the digital era, what was good in the past is no longer good enough now. Not even close.

From analysis…

Working 1:1 with businesses who are hungry to rise, evolve and remain relevant, Steve Carroll brings his expert global insights, extensive experience and innovative digital transformation strategies to shape businesses to thrive.

Partnering with businesses across all industries, Steve observes, analyses and deep dives into organisations large and small to gain the complete picture of a business’s ‘now’. From staff culture to enabling technology, leadership capabilities to digital footprints, there is no stone left unturned.

…to a better bottom line

From these in-depth insights, Steve then draws upon his expansive expertise to craft and present achievable yet powerful strategies that will evolve and transform your business for the digital era.

And the outcome? Transformation where you need it most to remain relevant and excel in today’s business landscape. A transformation that all leads to one thing… a better bottom line.

Embrace enabling technology

Technology should be every businesses’ secret weapon. Businesses that combine the best of technology with the best of the human factor are on the winning track. Steve supports businesses to identify, implement and innovate to determine how they can better embrace technology, and how technology and the ‘human factor’ can both be used to amplify overall business and leadership outcomes.

Adapt leadership capabilities

As a new generation floods the workforce, leaders in this digital age are compared with every service experience available to employees across the world. No longer are you compared with what your competitor can offer them, you are compared with Uber, with Apple, with Facebook and more. To remain relevant the simple fact is this – you must adapt your leadership style to attract, retain and inspire the best employees, or face being left behind.

Change through strategy

While it’s true the digital revolution has changed the rulebook for leaders and businesses, the solution to remain relevant is within reach for each and every business. Steve tailors expert, data-driven, achievable strategic actions for the businesses he partners with, personalised to the company’s exact needs and situation. Working with Steve, businesses can ensure they do not languish in a bygone era and instead remain relevant as a business of choice, attracting both staff and customers in this new era.

Bernard Salt, The Australian, Dec 2019

Two years ago, I heard a speaker deliver some extraordinary observations about human behaviour. Steve Carroll told the audience that a decade earlier, a McDonald’s had opened in his parents’ home [and] what McDonald’s had done was to raise the bar in terms of service expectations. “If McDonald’s can deliver quick service, then why can’t you?” was the logic. Businesses need to be aware that Australians are now looking for opportunities to take their outrageous expectations of service in one area and – fairly or unfairly – apply them to another.

Charlotte Pascoe – CEO Stockdale Leggo

Steve and the Digital Live team ran an incredibly successful workshop for the Stockdale Leggo network. High energy, lots of learning and a very practical hands on day. Highly recommend.

Elite Agent Magazine, Oct 2019

We live in a turbulent time fuelled by rapidly advancing technology. Research shows business leaders need to adapt to this tech-driven playing field and use digital as a tool to amplify great leadership to recruit and retain good talent.

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