Presentations that drive transformation in your team, provoke positive action and unlock opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

Through Digital Live speaking, Steve Carroll – globally renowned and highly sought-after speaker and thought-leader – delivers motivational and transformation insights to groups large and small.

Deep understanding and experience

Whether speaking on leadership, sales, digital transformation or succeeding in the digital era, Steve Carroll’s insights are clear; when you combine the best of technology with the best of the human factor – irrespective of what industry you are in – you are on a winning track.

And Steve’s sessions show exactly how to do that.

Bringing his deep global understanding and extensive experience to every presentation, Steve provides audiences with the tools and knowledge needed to inspire, educate and make change.

Tailored to your needs

From virtual presentations, small group settings, to keynotes in front of audiences of over 5000, Steve tailors his delivery to the needs of organisations – irrespective of industry.

He has been a regular guest on Sky Business, a regular contributor, digital coach and featured guest for national magazines, videos and podcasts, and his wisdom and insights have been referenced by renowned futurist Bernard Salt.

Speaking Topics

Steve Carroll’s career is one of epic proportions. He has held top-tier leadership positions for three of the world’s leading media companies (including international giants REA Group and News Corp), has led thousands of staff, liaised with top tech giants in the United States including Google, LinkedIn and Facebook and has been at the helm of some of Australia’s fastest-growing startups.

And he now brings this one-of-a-kind experience and a career of poignant business learnings to your team or event.

In this presentation, Steve shares with audiences a captivating, compelling and takeaway-filled account of the pivotal moments in his career that shaped him, inspiring others through his transparency and providing thought-provoking fuel for their careers and lives.

Your audience will walk away uplifted, entertained, driven, motivated and inspired by Steve’s personal account of lessons in his career – both good and bad– that can help shape their outlook and actions going forward.

Key topics include:

  • Take care of your people and they will take care of your company and customers
  • Who you hang around with determines your success
  • Discovering new oceans
  • Why you should never wait, and why the time will never be ‘just right’
  • Don’t get sidetracked by the sideshows. Focus on what matters
  • Become a better person and you will become a better leader
  • Reinvent, reimagine. Relevancy is the currency of the digital age

In today’s world, businesses that are belief-driven, that are community-minded, and that give back and connect in an authentic way are more visible, have more engaged employees and consumers, and their bottom lines are often bolstered.

It’s clear that businesses that do good for the world do better in business.

In this presentation, Steve Carroll shares his profound insights into why it’s crucial for businesses of today to connect with the community. He draws from his own thought-provoking and moving personal and professional experience with his charitable programs under the banner of ‘Digital Live’ for the Hands Group.

Key topics include:

  • Why employees and consumers connect to community-minded brands
  • How believing in something can benefit your business
  • Unique approaches and insights into proven strategies
  • Provoking strategies to implement in your own business
  • An insight into the Digital Live method
  • Why consumer insights prove that people want to do business with individuals or brands that stand for something that makes the world a better place

The digital revolution has changed the rulebook for leaders and businesses alike.

Technology, COVID-19, workplace generational changes, digital marketing and consumer behaviour have created what are both significant impacts and opportunities for teams globally.

And no matter the industry, one thing is always clear; when you strategically and purposefully combine the best of technology with the best of the human factor, you are on a winning track.

In a presentation that is tailored to your event, team and industry, Steve will provide profound insights as he explores the role of technology as every businesses’, sales team or leader’s ‘secret weapon’, and that while the ‘human factor’ will never go away in our lifetime, it can be greatly aided through the implementation of innovation and technology solutions.

Your team or attendees will gain an understanding of the intersection between technology and the ‘human factor’, and be inspired and educated to embrace, adapt, and change to achieve success in this new era.

Key topics include:

  • The two attitudes of doing business in a digital world
  • What’s stopping us getting started and how to move that block
  • Qualities of an early adopter
  • Why searching for ‘heroes’ on Google is relevant to us all
  • What l learned from visiting Facebook, Google and Uber in the USA
  • The five key traits of success
  • Why your digital footprint matters

Bernard Salt on Steve Carroll

Bernard Salt, The Australian, Dec 2019
Two years ago, I heard a speaker deliver some extraordinary observations about human behaviour. Steve Carroll told the audience that a decade earlier, a McDonald’s had opened in his parents’ home [and] what McDonald’s had done was to raise the bar in terms of service expectations. “If McDonald’s can deliver quick service, then why can’t you?” was the logic. Businesses need to be aware that Australians are now looking for opportunities to take their outrageous expectations of service in one area and – fairly or unfairly – apply them to another.

Ed McManus

CEO Deliveroo
Steve’s one of the most inspirational leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past. He is a tremendous speaker, a tremendous motivator, he understands customers, he understands digital trends and he has a real back at getting that across to the audience.”

Andrew Bell, Ray White

One of the things that people love about [Steve’s] presentations is that he is very engaging with the actual audience. More times than not, on one, two or three occasions, he will have the audience participate, so people find that much more connecting than most presenters who are just talking to you. So the feedback always at the end is always ‘wow, that was fantastic, I really enjoyed it’.

Tom Panos

Considered Australasia’s #1 real estate coach and trainer
Steve’s a great dynamic presenter. He’s got loads of energy, he believes in what he is talking about, he knows his stuff. He is worth listening to.

Leighton Wood

COO Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
'Terrific job Steve. You were my pick from some very good presenters. Thanks for your knowledge.'

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