Looking for a conference or event facilitator who does more than just read names from a list?

Meet Steve Carroll. With his keen wit, engaging presence, and extensive real estate expertise, Steve is far more than just an MC. He becomes an integral part of your conference, adding value and depth to the conversation.

Engaging, thoughtful and profound.

Think of Steve as a second keynote speaker — one who comes well-prepared with research and context, making your conference an exceptional experience that delivers a strong return on investment long after the final presenter leaves the stage.

Tailored insights for your audience.

Drawing from his wealth of industry knowledge, Steve tailors his words specifically to your conference and presenters, interweaving his own analysis and real-life experiences into the narrative in an engaging and profound manner.

Irrespective of the content – residential real estate, commercial, property management, leadership, or business strategy – Steve will help your audience connect the dots and offer insights that tie the entire conference together.

Samantha McLean

Elite Agent
We always choose Steve to MC and facilitate Elite Retreat. The audience love his energetic and engaging approach; our speakers enjoy being on stage with him as his contribution is so much more than reading a bio and he keeps everything on time!

Engage with Steve Today

Steve Carroll is available for a select number of projects, events and programs per year. To speak about your individual needs (including opportunities via video conference), contact Steve today.